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Your Support has Made a Difference in Every Life We Touch!


#GIVINGTUESDAY is Coming Soon!

November 2017 | Vol. II



Shakers Spotlight


Your Support Makes a Difference in Every Life We Touch

We are proud to dedicate this edition's Shaker Spotlight to Aidan Charlery!  


Aldan started with the KiDsGyM USA TopGun Tumblers at the age of eight. He traveled with the team across the Southeast and some parts of the Midwest performing at college basketball halftime shows and other places for a total of 13 years! 


As a youth, he was found to be challenging, energetic, fun-loving, and precocious. 

When he became a teen, he accepted more responsibility as a leader on the TopGun Tumblers' team; demonstrating a great work ethic, positive attitude and dependability. 



At 21, he became a mascot for the Washington Wizards and excelled with the organization for nine years. 


Today, he still holds the mascot position for one of the NBA teams. Only a year later, he started Air Elite Dunkers, also known as the Official Dunk Squad for the NBA. 



"Overflowing confidence! I truly believe that I can do anything!" This is what Aidan had to say about KiDsGyM USA's contribution to his success. 


Aidan's son JoJo (Jordan, bottom) is a part of the KiDsGyM USA family and a future "Dunk Squader". Jordan looks up to his father and is talented in his own way! 



ReSeArCh That SuPpOrTs Our MiSsIoN

In the past decade, we have seen an increase in research suggesting the connection between gross motor movement and cognitive abilities to help our children become more successful in school. 


There are studies that suggest decreased levels of physical activity produce lower cognitive abilities, academic achievement, brain structure and brain function.   (READ MORE)


But, we've always known this at KiDsGyM USA®. Nonetheless, seeing this research further validates the mission we began over 30 years ago... To put fitness principles into practice through gymnastics and educational programs that build mental and physical lifestyles for children and youth.  


We need your help to build an evidenced-based curriculum as a non-traditional approach to early education... 



PaRtNeRsHiPs We're PrOuD Of


Laureus USA Sport for Good Atlanta


KiDsGyM USA® shares the belief that sports has a uniquely powerful ability to help solve some of society's most challenging problems, specifically through the practice for Sport for Good - the use of sport as a tool for social change. 


Youth sports programs can have a powerful impact on a young person's life when they are designed to educate, and are led by a trained coach. KiDsGyM USA® has started its work on the Westside of Atlanta at Bellwood Boys and Girls Club after school program during 2017-2018 school year. 


Thanks to our partnership with Laureus USA Sport for Good Atlanta is helping us to engage girls and boys between the ages of five and twelve years on the Westside. 



A WoRd From CoAcH TrAcY


Safety and Smiles


"All of KiDsGyM USA® instructors (coaches) are trained in "safety and smiles"!  We access USA Gymnastics (national gymnastics governing body) for safety and spotting certifications; KiDsGyM University for online training in the use of our curriculum, behavior management techniques, intentional communication, and more. CPR and First-Aid is a must for all coaches.  

But, most importantly, kids need to know we care!"


Coach Tracy



ReMiNdErS & ImPoRtAnT DaTeS




Celebrate with us! 

We are launching a Go Fund Me page on 11/27 to kick off our End of the Year Campaign on #GivingTuesday.

Be on the lookout for the update!


Celebrating this year on November 28th #GivingTuesday kicks off the KiDsGyM USA End of the Year Campaign. #GivingTuesday connects diverse groups of individuals, communities and organizations around the world for one common purpose: to celebrate and encourage giving. 


#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.



  KiDsGyM USA is hosting an Open House / Toy Drive,  on December 16th at the Conley

Recreation Center.   Be on the lookout for more details.